HC Deb 28 February 1921 vol 138 c1442W

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the War Office whether his attention has been called to the fact that the weekly rates of wages at present paid to the civil employés at the ordnance stores, War Office Department, Carrick-fergus, in the county of Antrim, are respectively as follows: carpenters' foreman 74s., carpenters 70s., armourers 79s., saddlers 70s., cycle fitters 69s., tent repairers 62s., foremen 75s. to 77s., skilled labourers 60s., and labourers 58s.; whether he has now ascertained that the weekly rates of wages commonly recognised and now paid by employers and trade societies in this district where the work is carried on and in neighbouring districts are respectively as follows: carpenters' foreman 122s., carpenters 116s., armourers 100s., saddlers 95s., cycle fitters 90s., tent repairer;, 85s., foremen 99s. to 100s., skilled labourers 68s., and labourers 62s.; what is the reason or excuse for such or any violation of the Fair Wages Resolution of the 10th March, 1909, in regard to these civil employés; will he give, instructions that rates of wages in accordance with the terms of the Fair Wages Resolution, together with all arrears, be forthwith paid; and what action does he propose to take in the matter?


The rates of wages at present paid to these employés are substantially as stated in the first part of the hon. Member's question. They have been carefully reviewed, and from the information at present before the War Office it is not considered that any increase is called for under the Fair Wages Resolution. The rates mentioned in the second part of the question appear to relate to establishments not in the immediate vicinity of Carrickfergus and in the main to work not strictly comparable to that performed in the depôt. For example, the rate mentioned as being the district rate for carpenters appears to be based upon a building trade rate, which, as I have already informed the hon. Member in correspondence on this subject, cannot be accepted as applicable to the work of an ordnance depôt.

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