HC Deb 24 February 1921 vol 138 cc1191-2W

asked the Minister of Transport what progress has been made by the two Departmental Committees on the taxation and regulation of road vehicles and lights on vehicles; what matters are at present under consideration by them; and whether he anticipates receiving a further interim Report from either of these committees in the near future?


Since the Committees referred to in my hon. Friend's question presented their Interim Reports on the 31st March last (Command Papers 659 and 660), the "Departmental Committee on Lights on Vehicles" have been engaged upon the question of dazzling headlights. This inquiry has involved much research work, the examination of numerous devices which have been submitted to the Ministry, and, for a considerable period, continual tests upon the road of various kinds of lamps The Committee hope to be in a position to present a further Report shortly.

The "Departmental Committee on the Regulation of Road Vehicles" have considered the following matters:

  1. (a) Unladen weight and axle weights of heavy mechanically propelled road vehicles.
  2. (b) Regulations as to the construction and use of light agricultural tractors.
  3. (c) The use of motor cycles with side cars as taxi-cabs.
  4. (d) Left-hand drive vehicles.
  5. (e) The desirability of signals being given from vehicles to other traffic to signify the drivers' driving intentions, including mechanical signaling appliances.

They now have under consideration, and are taking evidence upon the question of speeds of all kinds of mechanically propelled vehicles, and the desirability of applicants for drivers' licences being required to undergo a physical and technical test of their fitness to drive As the terms of reference to this Committee cover the whole field of mechanically propelled traffic and regulations therefor, I am advised that their final Report will not be ready for presentation for some considerable period.