HC Deb 21 April 1921 vol 140 cc2092-3W

asked the President of the Board of Education the total number of teachers on the staff of public elementary schools, distinguishing between council schools and voluntary schools, and between head teachers and others?


On 31st March, 1920, the latest date for which figures are at present available, the number of teachers on the staffs of public elementary schools in England and Wales was:

Council Schools. Voluntary Schools. Total.
Head Teachers 15,275 16,343 31,618
Assistant Teachers 80,734 48,003 128,737
Total 96,009 64,346 160,355
In addition there were a number of teachers in the service of local education authorities, but not attached to any particular school, e.g., supply teachers, and teachers in centres for practical instruction under Schedule III of the Code of Regulations for Public Elementary Schools. Complete figures for these classes of teachers are not at present available. But it is known that on the 31st March, 1920, there were not less than 1,646 supply teachers and 3,687 teachers in centres for practical instruction in full-time service in connection with public elementary schools.


asked the President of the Board of Education whether he will give the latest figures available showing the total number of public elementary schools, the accommodation they provide, and the number of scholars on the register; also the same particulars separately for the council schools and for each one of the five groups into which the voluntary schools are usually divided, according to the nature of the religious instruction?


1. The latest figures classified under denominations which are

Number of Schools. Accommodation. Average Attendance. Average Number on Registers.
Council 8,556 4,252,885 3,323,320 3,741,911
Church of England 10,737 2,202,426 1,644,158 1,848,889
Wesleyan 189 57,279 43,735 50,057
Roman Catholic 1,105 391,867 304,086 349,265
Jewish 12 9,863 8,549 9,307
Undenominational and others 465 103,088 68,731 77,759
Total 21,064 7,017,408 5,392,579 6,077,188

2. The only later figures at present available are as follows:—

Date. Council Schools. Voluntary Schools. Total.
Number of Schools of all kinds 31 March, 1920. 8,705 12,266 20,971
Accommodation 31 March, 1920. 4,354,951 2,731,026 7,085,977
Number of scholars on the Registers 31 January, 1919. Not available. 5,882,891

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