HC Deb 21 October 1920 vol 133 cc1112-4W

asked the President of the Board of Trade what are the rates of pay and hours of work for salesmen and others engaged in shop work in the employ of the Army and Navy Stores, the Civil Service Supply Association, and the Co-operative Wholesale Society, respectively?


I have been asked to reply to this question. Minimum rates of pay for various classes of employés of the Army and Navy Co-operative Society were established by a decision of the Industrial Court, dated 31st December, 1919, a copy of which I am sending to my hon. Friend. The minimum rates fixed for salesmen ranged from 24s. a week at 16 years to 65s. a week at 26 years and over, and those for saleswomen ranged from 20s. at 16 years to 48s. at 24 years and over. The maximum weekly hours, exclusive of meal times, were fixed at 48. The minimum rates and the hours specified were subsequently adopted by the Civil Service Supply Association, and some slight variations have since been made. I am not in possession of information showing what proportion of the employés of these two societies are paid at rates above the minima specified. I am also sending my hon. Friend a statement showing the rates of pay for salesmen and others employed by the Co-operative Wholesale Society. For salesmen, these rates ranged from 20s. at 14 years of age to 80s. at 22 years of age; for saleswomen they range from 16s. at 14 years to 66s. at 22 years. The weekly working hours are 41. It should be borne in mind that the rates in the first two cases are for the retail trade, while in the third case the wholesale trade is concerned.

The following is the statement referred to

Age. Wage.
Male. Female.
s d. s d.
14 20 0 16 0
15 24 0 19 0
16 29 0 23 0
17 35 0 28 0
18 43 0 34 0
19 51 0 40 0
20 63 0 50 0
21 70 0 56 0

Employés, 22 years of age and over, receiving less than the new scale rates of 70s. and 56s. per week respectively, had their wages increased to the minimum rates named and a further 10s. per week increase, making a total of 80s. and 66s. respectively. The 10s. per week increase applies to all males and females concerned in receipt of wages up to and including £6 15s. per week.

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