HC Deb 29 November 1920 vol 135 cc964-6W

asked the Minister of Labour whether in October the Employment Exchanges registered 35,100 female applicants and 6,688 male applicants for domestic service, and filled only 14,016 female and 960 male posts, respectively?


Figures for the month of October are not available. During the five weeks ended October 8th 45,305 women applicants and 4,572 men applicants were registered at Employ- ment Exchanges for employment in domestic service of various kinds. The posts filled during the same period numbered 18,955 for women and 932 for men. The relatively small proportion of women placed in employment is accounted for by the fact that the majority asked for non-resident work, while the demand was mainly for resident servants. For 15,500 vacancies for non-resident domestic servants there were 29,000 applicants of whom 12,000 were placed; for 10,900 vacancies for resident domestic servants there were 6,500 applicants of whom 2,600 were placed.