HC Deb 18 November 1920 vol 134 cc2135-6W

asked the Minister of Transport why the limited mail trains between Belfast and Dublin have been discontinued; if he is aware that their ceasing to run is causing inconvenience; and whether he will have them reinstated at once?


As I informed the hon. Member by letter yesterday, the detailed reduction of train services in consequence of the miners' strike was left in the hands of individual railway companies in Ireland as well as in England. The reductions were not all put into force on the first day of the strike, but gradually, as seemed fit to the individual companies. No reinstatement of services at all took place until 8th November. The particular train referred to by the hon. Member was reinstated on the 15th of this month.

Major M. WOOD

asked the Minister of Transport whether any estimate and, if so, what has been formed of the addition to the sum payable under the guarantee to the Irish railways in consequence of their stoppage owing to the orders given by the Government in connection with the munitions' strike?


I am unable to say what the effect on the guarantee to the Irish railways will be in consequence of the stoppage or reduction of service on certain railways. As a result of the generally disturbed condition of Ireland the financial equilibrium anticipated from the increase in rates and fares will not be secured, and there will be a liability in respect of the Irish railways. The Ministry is endeavouring to frame an estimate.