HC Deb 05 May 1920 vol 128 c2112W

asked the Minister of Transport whether county councils acting as the highway authority have any and, if so, what powers to license vehicles on the county roads: whether they can make any restrictions of the number and weight of motor omnibuses; and, if no such powers exist, whether the Government will undertake to introduce into Parliament an Act conferring such powers?


Motor omnibuses and other road vehicles must comply, so far as weight and construction are concerned, with existing legislation on the subject and with the Orders made thereunder; otherwise, they cannot be registered. With regard to the number of motor omnibuses running on their roads, county councils have no powers to impose any restrictions, except where their consent to the running on roads is required under Section 20 of the Local Government (Emergency Provisions) Act, 1916, when conditions may be imposed subject to an appeal to the Minister of Transport. Questions connected with the weight construction and speed of motor omnibuses and other road vehicles, will be considered by the Departmental Committee on the Taxation and Regulation of Road Vehicles in due course.