HC Deb 28 June 1920 vol 131 cc59-60W

Mr. R. McNEILL asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland if he is aware of the dissatisfaction caused by the restriction of housing grants in Ireland under the Housing (Additional Powers) Act, 1919, to houses in municipal areas, whereas no such restriction applies to houses in Great Britain; whether he realises that the need for houses in rural districts in Ireland, or just outside municipal areas for the benefit of neighbouring towns, is urgent and is not to be met by building under the Labourers' Cottages Act, which is limited in scope and applies to a type of house altogether different from those sanctioned by the Housing Act, such as are being built in municipal areas; and whether he will undertake to remove the inequality in this respect between Ireland and Great Britain in any legislation amending the Housing (Additional Powers) Act, 1919?

Mr. HENRY: Under the Housing (Additional Powers) Act, 1919, grants can only be given in respect of houses built in the area of local authorities within the meaning of Part III of the Housing of the Working Classes Act, 1890, which, in Ireland applies only to urban districts and towns with Town Commissioners. As regards the last part of the question the Acts relating to labourers' cottages apply to rural districts and 48,000 cottages have already been provided under these Acts. If the local authorities think that the present type of house under these Acts is not suitable in present circumstances, it is open to them to make representations to that effect to the Local Government Board with a view to having the present standard type of building improved.

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