HC Deb 24 June 1920 vol 130 c2396W

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he can state, in respect of each of those articles to which preferential rates of duty apply, the value of the goods upon which the full rate of duty and the preferential rate, respectively, were collected and the amount of duty collected in each case?


The approximate amount of duty collected at full and preferential rates, respectively, since the introduction of the preferential duties, up to 31st March, 1920, was as follows:

Article. Net amount of Duty.
At Full Rate. At Preferential Rate.
£ £
Chicory 43,000 2,000
Cocoa 363,000 1,124,000
Coffee 217,000 138,000
Cinematograph Films 122,000 400
Clocks and Watches 621,000 600
Dried Fruit 622,000 13,000
Motor Cars, etc. 1,710,000 33,000
Motor Spirit 1,842,000
Musical Instruments 178,000 8,000
Spirits, Imported 4,805,000 6,257,000
Sugar 19,760,000 2,798,000
Tea 1,757,000 13,481,000
Tobacco 35,421,000 884,000
Wine 1,324.000 14,000
The information desired with regard to values is not available.