HC Deb 21 June 1920 vol 130 c1772W

asked the Secretary of State for India (1) whether it is proposed to include in the rules to be framed under the Government of India Act, rules for the appointment of standing committees of the legislative bodies, their composition, and regulations governing their procedure, in view of the fact that Lord Selborne's Committee considered that it may often greatly assist the political education of India if standing committees of the legislative bodies are attached to certain Departments of Government;

(2) whether the representation of Europeans is Bengal on the legislative council, as recommended by the Franchise Committee, is out of all proportion to their population or voting strength; and, if so, what action has the Government of India taken to remedy the inequality by a readjustment of seats, as recommended by Lord Selborne's Committee?


The matters referred to in these two questions are matters which it is for the Joint Select Committee to consider, and on which they will advise Parliament.