HC Deb 17 June 1920 vol 130 cc1468-9W

asked the Secretary of State for Air what rate of pay an officer in the Royal Air Force received who formerly held a commission as flight sub-lieutenant in the Royal Naval Air Service with seniority as from May, 1916, was transferred to the Royal Air Force when formed, and in August, 1919, received a permanent commission as flying officer; and was he entitled to 25s. per day from that date as he had served more than two years with equivalent rank of lieutenant?


A flight sub-lieutenant of the Royal Naval Air Service transferred to the Royal Air Force on the 1st April, 1918, would have been entitled to pay as a lieutenant of the flying branch at the rate of 12s. a day from that date (13s. from the 1st April, 1919) and, in addition, to flying pay of 8s. a day while engaged on duty which involved flying. Under the regulations then in force his service as a flight sub-lieutenant did not reckon for increase of pay as a lieutenant of the Royal Air Force. Under the new scheme of pay brought into effect from the 1st August, 1919, an officer's service as flight sub-lieutenant, R.N.A.S., and lieutenant, R.A.F., would be counted towards increments of pay as flying officer, and on receiving a permanent commission as such he would therefore be eligible for pay as flying officer "over two years," namely 25s. a day, if he had served for more than two years in the ranks named.