HC Deb 16 June 1920 vol 130 c1292W

asked the Minister of Transport, in view of the certain increase of railway fares and charges, the shortage of wagons, and the congestion of goods at important centres, what action he is prepared to take to develop motor transport on the roads; and whether the carrying of passengers by the latter means will materially help to lighten the burden on railways; and what facilities, if any, he is prepared to give to private traders and others who develop such service for themselves?

Brigadier-General SURTEES

asked the Minister of Transport if he can hold out any hope of such an alteration in the policy affecting road transport and the price of petrol as will make the great highways of this country available for business purposes; and, if so, when he hopes to make such an announcement as will tend to the relief of the congested railways and the substantial promotion of trade?


The House is aware of the steps which are being taken to secure a higher standard of road maintenance and improvement, and to provide funds for this purpose. In addition, existing legislation is being reviewed with the object of such revision of restrictions on road transport as may be possible, consistently with public safety. It is realised that the needs of the country are likely to require all the facilities which the various agencies of transport can afford. The Ministry of Transport has no control over the supply or price of petrol.