HC Deb 14 June 1920 vol 130 cc906-7W

asked the Minister of Transport if he is aware that the Metropolitan Railway Company have refused to grant reduced fares for a children's party organised by the Deptford Labour Club, such reduced fares being granted for a similar party last year; and whether he will use his influence with the railway company in order to prevent discrimination being exercised as between children's parties organised by workmen's associations and Sunday-school treats?


I am informed that reduced fares were granted last year by the Metropolitan Railway in this particular case. In so far as their traffic position allows, the railway companies generally are granting reduced fares in connection with the annual outings of recognised schools, but the railway companies find that, in present circumstances, it is not practicable to extend these facilities to parties of children organised by bodies other than schools, and it is not possible to make an exception in favour of the club mentioned. The concessionapplies to all recognised school treats, and not only to Sunday schools. The aim is to enable the largest number of children to have, at any rate, one trip in the season. By adhering to this category it is hoped to avoid extensive repetition for certain children, to the exclusion of others.