HC Deb 26 February 1920 vol 125 cc1930-1W

asked the Under Secretary of State for the Colonies in what British Possessions outside Great Britain British silver coinage is legal tender; and in which of such Possessions there is any and what limit on the amount for which British silver coinage is legal tender?

Lieut.-Colonel AMERY

British silver coinage is legal tender in the following Dominions, Colonies and Protectorates to the amount shown:—

Legal tender.
Commonwealth of Australia up to 40s.
New Zealand up to 40s.
Fiji up to 40s.
Union of South Africa up to 40s.
Rhodesia up to 40s.
Basutoland up to 40s.
Bechuanaland up to 40s.
Swaziland up to 40s.
Nyasaland up to 40s.
Gibraltar up to 40s.
Malta up to 100s.
Gambia No limit.
Gold Coast No limit.
Nigeria No limit.
Sierra Leone No limit.
Bahamas No limit.
Barbadoes No limit.
Bermuda No limit.
British Guiana No limit.
Jamaica No limit.
Leeward Islands No limit.
Trinidad No limit.
Grenada No limit.
St. Lucia No limit.
St Vincent No limit.
Falkland Islands No limit.
St. Helens up to 40s.

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