HC Deb 26 February 1920 vol 125 cc1935-7W

asked the President of the Board of Trade if he can state for the year 1919 the nature of the imports into the United Kingdom from the United States of America, divided under the categories used in the Monthly Trade Accounts?


Corrected figures are not yet available, but the information contained in the following table may be considered to be approximately correct. Values are c.i.f.

Imports into the United Kingdom, consigned from the United States of America, during the year 1919.
1. Food, drink and tobacco:
(a) Grain and flour 65,289,719
(b) Meat, including animals for food 78,519,028
(c) Other food and drink:
(1) Non-dutiable 43,192,560
(2) Dutiable 37,618,167
(d) Tobacco 34,093,028
Total, Class I 258,712,502

II. Raw materials and articles mainly unmanufactured:

(a) Coal, coke and manufactured fuel 1,421
(b) Iron ore, soap iron and steel 7,515
(c) Other metallic ores 118,305
(d) Wood and timber 16,233,651
(e) Cotton 125,483,730
(f) Wool 1,189,875
(g) Other textile materials 243,126
(h) Oil seeds, nuts, oils, fats and gums 31,250,074
(i) Hides and undressed skins 2,780,875
(j) Paper-making materials 176,629
(k) Miscellaneous 3,064,899
Total, Class II. 180,550,100

III. Articles wholly or mainly manufactured:

(a) Iron and steel and manufactures thereof 6,867,324
(b) Other metals and manufactures thereof 14,310,796
(c) Cutlery, hardware, Implements (except machine tools), and instruments 4,979,707
(d) Electrical goods and apparatus (other than machinery and uninsulated wire) 706,805
(e) Machinery 12,993,370
(f) Ships (new) 1,042
(g) Manufactures of wood (including furniture) 1,833,730
(h) Yarns and textile fabrics:
(1) Cotton 2,948,003
(2) Wool 159,692
(3) Silk 936,594
(4) Other materials 33,783
(i) Apparel 1,309,645
(j) Chemicals, Drugs, dyes and colours 5,925,051
(k) Leather and manufactures thereof (including gloves, but excluding boots and shoes) 19,855,781
(l) Earthenware and glass 646,921
(m) Paper 797,836

III. Articles wholly or mainly manufactured—cont.
(n) Railway carriages and trucks, not of iron, motor cars, cycles, carts, etc. 6,443,064
(o) Miscellaneous 21,572,145
Total, Class III 102,321,289
IV. Miscellaneous and unclassified (including parcel post) 1,472,950
Total 543,056,841