HC Deb 25 February 1920 vol 125 cc1694-5W

asked the Attorney-General whether the Order in Council as to the termination of the War referred to in the recent notice in the London Gazette is the Order contemplated by the Termination of the Present War Definition Act, 1918; and whether the 10 per cent. increase of rents permitted by the Increase of Rents, &c. (Amendment) Act, 1919, will commence from the 10th July next, being six months from the date mentioned in such Order in Council as the date for the termination of the War?


No, Sir. The Order in Council referred to is limited to the war with Germany, and a further Order in Council will be necessary to fix the date of the termination of the War generally; upon which the time for the increase of rent under the Increase of Rent and Mortgage Interest (Restrictions) Act, 1919, depends.


asked the Secretary for Scotland whether it is his intention to introduce legislation during the present Session to provide against the eviction of tenants of houses while the present scarcity of houses exists in Scotland?


I would refer my hon. Friend to the intimation made by my right hon. Friend, the Lord Privy Seal, in reply to a question by the hon. Member for Dundee on the 18th instant. As then stated, a Committee has been set up to consider questions affecting the operation of the Rent Restriction Acts. The scope of the Committee's enquiry includes Scotland.

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