HC Deb 12 February 1920 vol 125 cc233-4W

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland, how many of the men students of Marlborough Training College were examined in July, 1919; how many failed at the examination; how many new students were admitted in September, 1919; and of these how many had passed the King's scholarship examination in the first division, how many in the second division, how many in the third division, and how many had passed in no division?


The Commissioners of National Education inform me that 42 men (King's Scholars), 25 second year, and 17 first year of the Marlborough Street Training College were examined in July, 1919: 4 failed, 2 on the final year programme, and 2 on the first year programme. 19 students entered the Marlborough Street Training College in September, 1919, for the commencement of their course, 3 of these had passed in the first division at the King's Scholarship examination, 5 in the second division, and 8 in the third division, 2 were ex-intermediate students who qualified for admission under Rule 165 (a) 3 of the Code, while the remaining student was one of a number of candidates for admission to the Marlborough Street and other men's colleges who had at first failed by a small margin but were subsequently declared eligible for training in consequence of the abnormal conditions of the preceding year due to illness and epidemics.

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