HC Deb 08 December 1920 vol 135 cc2151-2W

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer how soon the proposed Grants Commission for the apportionment of the Reparation Fund to those who have suffered loss of limbs or property by reason of the operations of enemy aircraft will be set up; how is it proposed to constitute the personnel of such Commission; is he aware that there are persons whose injuries are now of five years' standing who have not received any payment and whose position is one of extreme poverty and hardship; and can he make any arrangements for payments on account?


It is useless to appoint the Commission until the Reparation Commission can give some indication of the probable date on which payments by Germany for reparation (over and above prior charges, such as the repayment of the coal advances and the cost of the armies of occupation) can be expected. My hon. Friend will be aware that the first of a series of meetings to determine the amount to be paid by Germany and the method of payment is to be held next week in Brussels. I have no funds out of which payments on account could be made.