HC Deb 16 August 1920 vol 133 c623W

asked the Home Secretary whether his attention has been called to the inconvenience caused to motorists by the fact that the rapidly-increasing number of heavy motor vans and char-à-bancs are in the habit of blocking the smaller high roads so that all traffic behind them is for miles unable to get past; and whether he will consider the propriety of issuing a police regulation to the effect that all such vehicles shall carry a glass reflecting the traffic approaching from behind, and that any such vehicle whose speed does not normally exceed 10 miles an hour shall keep close to the kerb on its near side?


I have been asked to reply to this question. My attention has been called to the inconvenience referred to, and the matter is receiving the attention of the Departmental Committee on the Regulation of Road Vehicles, and my right hon. Friend proposes to await their report before taking any action. With regard to a regulation requiring these vehicles to carry a reflector glass, the police have no power to make one of a general character, and I am not satisfied that such a provision is desirable. A regulation as to keeping close to the kerb would not be practicable. On country roads there are no kerbs, and the construction of the roads in many cases is not such as to render this desirable or even safe. Drivers of heavy slow moving vehicles are advised to keep to the left side of the road so far as practicable.