HC Deb 27 April 1920 vol 128 cc1053-4W

asked the Secretary of State for War and Air how many mental cases passed through Warrington and Whitchurch Hospitals; how many mental cases have been reported to his Department since 4th August, 1914; how many have recovered; how many died; and the disposition of the remainder?


The number of mental cases which passed through the two hospitals mentioned were—

Warrington.—8,410. (Numbers up to 31st March, 1920, the date of the latest report.)

Whitchurch.—1,862. (Numbers up to 2nd January, 1920, the date on which the hospital was closed.)

The figures asked for in the remainder of the question will not be available until the Medical History of the War is published, which will not be for some two or three years. The following details, however, are available with regard to the patients treated in the two hospitals referred to in the question:

Warrington.—(From date of opening to 31st December, 1919.)
Number of cases treated 8,127
Discharged to their homes recovered 3,657

Discharged to asylums 1,026
Transferred to other military mental hospitals or repatriated overseas 2,433
Died 108
Remaining in hospital 903

Whitchurch.—(From date of opening to 31st October, 1919.)
Number of cases treated 1,862
Discharged to their homes recovered 1,102
Discharged to asylums 446
Died 33
Remaining in hospital 281