HC Deb 27 April 1920 vol 128 c1058W

asked the Minister of Pensions whether his attention has been drawn to the serious unrest existing among the employees of the Ministry of Pensions; whether this is due to the responsibility of the heads of branches in respect of staff arrangements being concentrated in one individual; whether the abnormal increase of staff may be attributed to dissatisfaction with administrative detail in the Ministry; whether the unrest is responsible for a renewal of delays in the award and assessment of pensions; and whether, in view of the prevailing unrest, he is prepared to institute an inquiry into the whole question of staff administration within the Ministry?


I am aware that there has recently been a certain amount of dissatisfaction among a section of the women employed by the Ministry in connection with a transfer of staff from one branch to another which is now in progress, and the arrangements for the demobilisation of surplus staff consequent on the decreasing volume of work in London. It was not attributable to any undue concentration of the responsibility for staff arrangements which is exercised by the Chief Establishment Officer acting under the Permanent Secretary, in the manner usual throughout the public service. Such increases of staff as have been necessary have had no connection with any dissatisfaction with administrative detail. I am glad to say that there are now no serious delays in the award and assessment of pensions as suggested by my hon. Friend, and I can find no ground for instituting the inquiry which he suggests.