HC Deb 12 April 1920 vol 127 cc1390-1W

asked the Home Secretary whether all asylums, or annexes of asylums, devoted during the War to the accommodation of invalided soldiers have yet been returned to their proper use; are any still retained for the care and treatment of soldiers suffering from loss of mental balance and, if so, which; what is the present status of the asylum given by Dr. Maudsley to the London County Council; is any detention exercised at this institution, or at Springfield House, Wandsworth, Maghall, Monyhull, Craigleith, Ashhurst, or any other institution intended for the care of border-line mental cases; are the men in the places mentioned still under military control; if discharged from the Army, does any portion of their pension go to the lunacy authorities for their care and treatment; and, if the men refuse treatment, will any portion of their pension be forfeited?


The answer to the first point is in the negative. Some of these institutions are still in use as medical and surgical military hospitals, and the following are utilised for the care and treatment of soldiers and pensioners suffering from neurasthenia or loss of mental balance:—

  1. 1. The Oxfordshire County and City Asylum (Ashurst War Memorial).
  2. 2. The Ewell Epileptic Colony (Ewell (County of London) War Hospital).
  3. 3. A block of the Middlesex County Asylum, Wandsworth (Spring field War Hospital).
  4. 4. The Lancashire County Asylum, Winwick (The Lord Derby War Hospital).

The men in these places who are serving soldiers are still under military control. Pensioners cannot be detained against their will.

The present status of the Maudsley Hospital is that of a Ministry of Pensions Hospital, but it is to be handed back to the London County Council in July next.

I have no information as to the Maghall, Monyhull, or Craigleith. Any inquiry as regards such institutions and also the inquiries in the last two parts of the question should be addressed to the Minister of Pensions.