HC Deb 30 October 1919 vol 120 c910W

asked the Secretary of State for War why no gratuity has been granted to military masseuses who were employed throughout the War in military hospitals on their demobilisation, while substantial gratuities were paid to Voluntary Aid Detachment nurses, whose work was in many ways less exacting; and whether a like recognition can be made to this valuable branch of the military nursing service?

Mr. A. DAVIES (Clitheroe)

asked the Financial Secretary to the War Office whether war gratuities have been granted to all hospital workers and by the Red Cross to their masseuses; whether military masseuses have been refused a war gratuity; and, if so, whether, owing to the work done by these masseuses, he will take steps to reverse this decision?


As I stated yesterday, in answer to my hon. and gallant Friend the Member for Central Wandsworth, I am looking into this question, but I must not be understood to make any promise to alter the decision already announced.