HC Deb 29 October 1919 vol 120 cc697-8W

asked the Secretary of State for War whether any objection is taken to the father of a soldier son killed in the War wearing on his right breast his son's war ribbon; and, if so, will he reconsider the matter?


Medals and the ribbons appertaining to them only be worn by the individuals to whom they are awarded, and in no case does the right to wear such medal or ribbon devolve upon the parents or relatives when the soldier is dead. To remove any misapprehension on this point, a notification to that effect was communicated to the Press in May last.

Viscount WOLMER

asked the Secretary 'of State for War whether the question of giving a medal or some other recognition to the Territorial troops who were sent to India in 1914 has yet been decided?


I regret that I am unable to make any statement on this subject at present.


asked the Secretary of State for India whether lie can see his way to allow the Territorial units sent to India in place of France, the destination for which they volunteered the privilege of wearing the "1914–15" Star, seeing that in the King's farewell, published in all battalion orders prior to the departure of these men for India in 1914, intimation was conveyed to all ranks that their loyalty would not be forgotten and that Lord Kitchener also stated that these battalions should not lose anything by the change in their destination?


I have been asked to reply. The "1914–15" Star is awarded to those of His Majesty's Forces who served in theatres of war during a specified period. India as a whole was not a theatre of war, and unless individuals serving in India participated in the operations referred to in paragraph 5 (f) and (g) of Appendix A to Army Order 20 of 1919, they have not earned the Star.