HC Deb 27 November 1919 vol 121 cc1949-50W
Captain R. TERRELL

asked the Minister of Labour if there is serious delay in dealing with applications of ex-officers 3ind other ranks for State Grants to enable them to fit themselves for civil professions; whether Lieutenant Harold L. Walter, of the Royal Air Force, applied for a Grant on 28th February, and up till now has received no definite answer; and will he state his reasons for this delay?


No, Sir, I am not aware that as a general rule serious delays are now occurring in dealing with these applications for State Grants. In certain particular cases delays have occurred. The case of Lieutenant H. L. Walter is a case in point, but I am glad to be able to add that he has now been awarded a Grant which is retrospective to the commencement of training.


asked the Minister of Labour whether he has received any complaints regarding the conditions prevailing at the Municipal School of Art, Bristol, in connection with the training of disabled men; whether at this school a large number of men are supposed to be undergoing training as draughtsmen; that the period allowed is twelve months, whereas in other places demobilised fit men are allowed longer periods of training; that it is impossible for a man to learn to be a draughtsman in a period of twelve months; that cases have occurred where men have been at this school for months without being supplied with the necessary text-books, thus reducing the period of effective training; that there is not a single qualified instructor in the school, the teachers claiming that they are art teachers and not technical; that there is no system of testing a man's efficiency before returning him to the labour market; that there is no provision of employment after training; that not one man in 100 attending this school is capable of following the occupation for which he has been studying; and whether he will have close investigation made into the working of this training centre and the results being achieved?


Inquiries are being made into this matter, and I will communicate further with the hon. Member as soon as possible.