HC Deb 19 November 1919 vol 121 c923W

asked the Prime Minister if he is aware that on and after 21st November the Ministry of Labour will cease to disburse donation pay; that at the present time many thousands of men, women, and young people are out of employment; and that in consequence of the high price of food and other necessary commodities many families will be upon the verge of starvation if the donation scheme terminates; and what is the policy of the Government on the matter?


I think that the hon. Member should await the statement of the Government's policy which my right hon. Friend the Minister of Labour will make in the course of the Debate this afternoon.


asked the Minister of Labour whether, in view of the large amount of work required to be done by and on behalf of local authorities and in order to give financial assistance from the State, favourable consideration will be given to the suggestion that suitable applicants for work shall be referred to the local authority in the district to be employed on necessary work at the district rates of pay, the local authority being granted the amount of unemployment donation which would otherwise have to be paid to the unemployed persons?


This proposal, which is open to very serious objections, cannot be entertained. As the hon. Member is aware, certain Grants are already made to local authorities in aid of the cost of necessary work. If the local authorities require labour for carrying out this work at proper rates of pay, and notify their requirements to the Employment Exchanges, persons on donation, who are suitable for the work, will forfeit their donation if they do not accept the work.