HC Deb 19 November 1919 vol 121 cc956-7W

asked the Postmaster-General if, in view of the, provisions of paragraph 789 (h) of the Holt Report, published in February, 1914, the claims and qualifications of draughtsmen in the Engineering Department of the Post Office were taken into account when making promotions to the class of assistant-engineers, and, if so, why the forty-eight promotions to that class that have been made did not include a single draughtsman notwithstanding the recommendations of the Holt Parliamentary Committee; whether any nominations under Scheme A for filling third-class clerkships (male) on the supplementary establishment of the secretary's office, in other headquarters' Departments, and in surveyors' offices, district managers' offices, and superintending engineers' offices, had been allocated to draughtsmen; and, if not, what line of promotion it is proposed to provide for, the latter class, having regard to the circumstance that the maximum of the highest grade draughtsman is at present only £200 per annum, although many of them possess the highest possible technical qualifications and diplomas in telegraph and telephone engineering, etc.?


It is the intention to apply the recommendation in paragraph 789 (h) of the Report of the Holt Committee when circumstances admit, and the claim of the draughtsmen and of the other classes mentioned in the recommendation to compete for the promotions to the class of assistant-engineers will then be considered. So far, all the available vacancies have been absorbed in providing for redundant engineers and others who have prior claims to consideration. Draughtsmen are eligible to enter for the qualifying examination for supplementary clerkships in the Post Office, and the claims of draughtsmen who have applied for admission to this examination will be considered. It is not practicable, however, to allot any definite number of nominations to a particular class.