HC Deb 29 May 1919 vol 116 cc1434-5W

asked the Food Controller whether he will consider the advisability of establishing a schema providing that upon the signing of Peace and the removal of the blockade the Central Powers may appoint food controllers to-act in conjunction with those of the Allies in becoming common buyers from the bacon packers, in order to eliminate the competition which will otherwise ensue and thus keep prices down to a reasonable figure?


I understand that a system of centralised purchase of foodstuffs has already been established by or on behalf of the Central Powers, and I assume that this system will continue for a time at any rate after the signing of Peace and the removal of the blockade. I may, however, point out that a third group of interests, I mean that of the neutral Powers, has already been found to be in competition and that it would be necessary to institute an international system of buying in order to check competition e[...]ectually. The possibilities of continuing or resuming centralised buying will be carefully explored by the Supreme Economic Coun- cil, but it is already clear, as I stated last Tuesday, that the reconciliation of conflicting economic interests, which the stress of war made possible, becomes more difficult of accomplishment as the world's trade gets into ordinary peace-time channels.