HC Deb 28 May 1919 vol 116 cc1237-9W

asked the Secretary of State for War whether Pioneer W. Clayton, No. 280,240, of the Royal Engineers (Signals), N.B. Section, General Headquarters (L. of C), H.O.M.S., Syria, British Expeditionary Force, is at present in England on compassionate leave inconsequence of serious domestic distress; whether Pioneer Clayton attested on the 11th December, 1915, but was not called to the Colours owing to his medical classification as C3; whether he was recalled, re-examined, and reclassified A1 in January, 1917,and subsequently joined the Forces on the 30th May, 1917; whether he was kept waiting for over three months before Ms request for compassionate leave was granted; whether he has suffered from a fractured skull and concussion of the brain, which makes him unsuitable for service in a hot climate; and whether, having regard to his domestic distress, his medical category, and the distance of his unit, inquiries can be made as to the possibility of his demobilisation or transfer to an area nearer home?


Inquiries are being made, and the hon. Member will be informed of the result as soon as possible.


asked the Secretary of State for War whether Private W. E. Bean, No. 242315, l/5th Queen's Surrey Regiment, who attested in December, 1915, and is a married man over thirty-seven years of age, is eligible for demobilisaton; whether he is aware that Bean's employers, who are keeping his post open for him, are anxious to obtain his discharge since his services as manager of a department are of importance to their business; whether, in view of the fact that repeated applications to the local Labour Exchange in Canterbury have elicited no reply, he will say what prospect there is of this soldier, now serving in Mesopotamia, being returned home; and if he will do everything in his power to hasten Bean's discharge?


Private Bean is not registered by the War Office either as-pivotal or for special release. I am also informed by my right hon. Friend the Minister of Labour that he is not so registered by his Department. If his age is as stated by my hon. Friend, he is eligible for demobilisation, and he will be released as soon as the exigencies of the Service permit. I regret I can take no special action in this case.

Lieut.-Colonel SPENDER CLAY

asked the Secretary of State for War whether Private Edwin Ewart Saunders, No. 540141, Royal Army Medical Corps, 55th Casualty Clearing Station, British Expeditionary Force, Charleroi, Belgium, may expect demobilisation in view of the fact that he joined the force in December, 1914?


Inquiries are already being made in this case, and I will inform my hon. and gallant Friend of the result as soon as possible.


asked the Secretary of State for War whether he is aware that Private E. M'Guire, No. 422155, R. 8., twenty-nine years of age, who enlisted on 20th August, 1914, has been sent back to France and told by his commanding officer he must continue to serve; whether for overstaying hospital leave he was told he would lose two and a half years of his service; and whether he will consider the demobilisation of this man on account of his service and wounds?

Captain GUEST

Inquiries are being made in this case, and I will inform my hon. Friend of the result as early as possible.