HC Deb 27 March 1919 vol 114 cc607-8W

asked (1) the Chancellor of the Exchequer why the old age pension granted by the Hertford pension sub-committee to Joseph Jacobs as from the 16th December, 1915, has not been dealt with by the Board of Customs and Excise; whether he is aware that this man is totally without means and is in a starving condition owing to the nonpayment of the old age pension; and why the matter has not been dealt with in spite of frequent applications by the old age pension sub-committee and communications from the Local Government Board?

(2) The President of the Local Government Board whether he can put any pressure on the Board of Customs and Excise to deal with the pension granted to Joseph Jacobs by the Hertford local pension sub-committee as from the 16th December, 1915?


This is an unfortunate case, and regrettable delay has un- doubtedly occurred. At the time when the pension was allowed by the local committee a discrepancy was found between the statements made for old age pension purposes and those made for separation allowance purposes, which necessitated inquiry, during the progress of which the papers unaccountably disappeared. Their loss was not discovered for some time, and when it was discovered their absence caused further difficulty at a time when a depleted staff of officials were working under great pressure. Directions have been issued by the Board of Customs and Excise for payment of the pension with all arrears due.