HC Deb 30 June 1919 vol 117 cc634-5W
Captain BROWN

asked the Minister of Labour what arrangements have been made to enable apprentices who joined the Army to complete their apprenticeship on release from the Service?


A scheme for assisting those persons whose apprenticeship was interrupted by service in His Majesty's Forces to complete their apprenticeship has been approved by the Government.

Among other matters the scheme provides:—

(1) For a reduction of the unexpired period of apprenticeship.

(2) For a State grant to the apprentice of one-third the journeyman's rate as soon as the apprentice has reached the age when, but for the War, his apprenticeship would have been completed.

(3) For such contributions on the part of employers as will, with the State's allowances, make up the apprentice's wages to not less than three-quarters of the journeyman's rate for the first year of training and to not less than five-sixths for the second year.

(4) For the scheme, embodying these and other provisions, to be drawn up by National Joint Industrial Councils or by other committees representative of the industry.

(5) For a maintenance allowance under certain conditions to allow of training in a technical school or institution.

Schemes have now been approved in respect of trades covering the great majority of apprentices. With the remaining trades negotiations are proceeding.