HC Deb 09 July 1919 vol 117 cc1831-2W

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland whether the Richmond, Hardwicke, and Whitworth Hospitals, and the Westmorland Lock Hospital, have hitherto been wholly supported by moneys appropriated by Parliament; whether he is aware that no payment has been made towards the support of these hospitals since April, 1918; that it has been found impossible to finance these institutions on the old Grant; that the governors recently resigned; that there is at present no means of paying current maintenance expenses; and what steps the Irish Government have taken to avoid the necessity of these hospitals having to close down for want of funds?


Reference to the Vote for Hospital and Charities (Ireland) shows the estimated income of these hospitals exclusive of the Parliamentary Grant. In the case of the House of Industry Hospitals the income, apart from the annual Grant of £7,600, is estimated at £9,206 for the current year. A payment of £3,000 on account of this Grant was made in April last and a payment of like amount will be made this month. The annual Grant of £2,600 to the Westmorland Lock Hospital was paid in April last. Application has been made by the Governors of the House of Industry Hospitals for increased financial assistance from public funds and the Treasury have not seen their way to consent to any increase in the Grant of £7,600 a year. A further application for assistance has been received from the board of superintendence on behalf of the hospitals mentioned in the question and certain other Dublin hospitals that are aided from the Parliamentary Vote. This application is at present before the Treasury. The resignations tendered by the governors of the House of Industry Hospitals have not been accepted, and the Irish Government has been advised that the responsibility for the management of these hospitals still remains with them.