HC Deb 02 July 1919 vol 117 cc989-91W

asked the Minister of Labour whether Lieutenant George Keenan, Northumberland Fusiliers, applied for a course of university (O. U. T. C.) training for disabled officers, first on S.O. form on 4th January, 1919, secondly in February on A.F.Z. 15 form, thirdly on D.O. form in March, fourthly on D.O. form in May, and fifthly on, O.I.A.D.I. in June; that he has received-no reply from the Ministry of Labour; and whether, in view of the fact that this officer is suffering from a permanent disability, is a married man, and has no private means, he will take steps to ensure that this case receives early consideration and that the officer is furnished with a reply to his applications?


Lieut. Keenan has, as stated, made five applications to the Appointment Department of the Ministry of Labour. The first, dated the 3rd January, 1919, was for training as a surveyor. It was referred to the War Office, but was too late to obtain their approval before the cancellation of the arrangements for the training of convalescent serving officers. The second, dated the 27th February, was also for training as a surveyor; but Lieut. Keenan could not have started training at once because he was still a serving officer, and not entitled to priority of release. The third, dated the 23rd March, was not for training but for employment, and was treated as cancelling the first two. Endeavours were made to secure Lieut. Keenan a suitable appointment, but without success. The fourth, dated the 29th April, was again for training. After a preliminary inquiry of the Ministry of Pensions to make sure that Lieut. Keenan was not eligible for training (with greater benefit to himself) under the Royal Warrant, he was sent the requisite form D.I.A.D. I for making the usual declaration of income. The return of this form on the 10th June constituted the fifth application. This application has not yet been granted because, as at present advised, I do not consider that the particular course of training for which Lieut. Keenan has applied is calculated to provide such results as would justify the expenditure of public money upon it. I am causing a communication to be sent to him on the matter.


asked the Minister of Labour whether, in view of the fact that official statements have been made to the effect that the rates of maintenance and. other allowances for discharged disabled, men undergoing training for new occupations in the various schemes of the Ministry of Labour would be revised and improved, he is prepared to take steps to that end without delay, especially having regard to the view of many disablement committees that the existing allowances are inadequate, and that they are preventing many eligible men from accepting training for a definite occupation in life?


The revision of the rates of maintenance allowances to certain classes of disabled men undergoing training is at present under consideration, and an announcement will be made as soon as a decision is reached.