HC Deb 01 July 1919 vol 117 cc796-7W

asked the Minister of Health whether some old people are being deprived of all or part of their old age pension because their friends have subscribed a weekly sum sufficient, with the old age pension, to gain them the advantage of a private nursing home, and in consequence one old woman in Devonshire, owing to her pension being reduced and her friends unable to contribute the balance, has had to be removed from a nursing home and taken to the workhouse infirmary; and whether he will take immediate steps to prevent this hardship being inflicted?


If my hon. Friend will furnish me with the names and addresses of any old age pensioners he has in mind, I will have inquiry made into the matter.


asked the Minister of Health whether, pending further legislation, steps can be taken to enable guardians of the poor to grant out relief to an old age pensioner in addition to the pension without disqualifying the recipient from continuing to receive the old age pension?


The question is one which must await the report of the Committee now sitting which has the position under the existing law under its consideration.


asked the Financial Secretary to the War Office it he is aware that Sergeant Charles Ogden, late Derbyshire Regiment, who joined the Army in 1854 and was discharged in 1880 after twenty-six years' service, including sixteen years' service as a non-commissioned officer, was in receipt of 8s.old age pension for himself and his wife until the meritorious medal, which carries an annuity of £10 per annum with it, was awarded him, and that from that date 4s per week was stopped from their old age pension, which really means a fine of 8s per annum; if the grant of this honour, She meritorious service medal, is intended to mulct an old age pensioner; and, if not, if he will see that this matter is put right?


If my hon. and gallant Friend will furnish me with the address of the old age pensioner in question I will have inquiry made into the matter.