HC Deb 26 February 1919 vol 112 cc1797-8W

asked the Home Secretary whether in view of the proposed policy of the Government to throw open the Civil Service to soldiers who have served in the War, the position of permanent clerks employed before the War who have been serving with His Majesty's forces will receive his first consideration?


Civil servants who have been serving with His Majesty's forces are entitled to return to their civil posts, and in the filling of any vacancies in. the Home Office the first consideration will naturally be given to clerks on the permanent staff.


asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether the Treasury has recently issued a letter dealing with the method of filling appointments in new Departments from the existing Civil Service; whether higher administrative posts are excluded from the operation of this letter; if so, on what grounds; and what definition is intended to be accepted of the words "higher administrative posts"?


A Circular (of which I am sending a copy to the hon. Member) has been issued, explaining a scheme for filling junior appointments in new Departments through a Selection Board. Higher administrative posts (which may be regarded as posts carrying remuneration in excess of £700 per annum) will be outside this scheme, as it is felt to be in the public interest that heads of Departments should be allowed greater liberty than the scheme allows in selecting their principal subordinates. I may add that candidates selected for appointment to the higher posts will, of course, not be exempt from the usual requirement of a certificate from the Civil Service Commissioners issued with the concurrence of the Treasury.