HC Deb 04 December 1919 vol 122 cc642-3W

asked the Minister of Labour whether he can state, respectively, the total contributions of employers, employés, and the State made under Part II of the National Insurance Act since its inception, the total cost of administration, the total amount of benefit paid, and the total amount of balance in hand?


The subjoined figures cover the period from the date of commencement of the fund, 12th July, 1912, to the close of the seventh insurance year, 12th July, 1919, the latest date up to which full figures are available:

Total contributions of Employers and employés in equal proportions £15,683,876
Total State contribution (1)5,090,442
Total benefit paid £1,501,375
Cost of administration chargeable to fund (2) 2,236,396
Balance (3) £18,216,878

  1. (1) The State contribution is one-third of the contributions of employers and employés, after the necessary deduction in respect of certain refunds to employers and workpeople.
  2. (2) The estimated actual cost of administration amounts to £2,742,920, but the charge on the fund in respect of this is limited to one-tenth of the total income, including interest on investments.
  3. (3) The balance on 1st December, 1919, was, approximately, £19,075,000. The balance shown at (3) above exceeds the difference between the contributions and expenditure by the accrued interest on investments.


asked the Minister of Labour whether he can state the total number of persons covered by Part II. of the National Insurance Act, and the numbers, respectively, who have received benefit each year since the Act became law?


The following statement gives the number of persons insured under the National Insurance (Unemployment) Acts, 1911–18, and number of claims to benefit authorised in each of the years 1913–19.

Insurance Year. Numbers holding current Unemployment Books in January of each year. Number of Claims to Unemployment Benefit in which payments were authorised.
National Insurance Act, 1911, Part II. National Insurance (Part II) (Munition Workers) Act, 1916. National Insurance Act, 1911, Part II. National Insurance (Part II) (Munition Workers) Act. 1916.
Jan., 1913 to July, 1913 (6 months) 2,297,326 363,000†
July, 1913 to July, 1914 2,202,882 550,000†
July, 1914 to July, 1916 2,115,536 405,288
July, 1915 to July, 1916 1,951,817 100,834
July, 1916 to July, 1917 2,114,880 1,089,451* 43,433 8,965
July, 1917 to July, 1918 2,354,201 1,308,472 48,714 37,585
July, 1918 to July, 1919 2,490,856 1,070,854 52,585‡ 42,696‡
* The National Insurance (Part II) (Munition Workers) Act, 1916, came into operation in September, 1916.
† Estimated.
‡ From 25th November, 1918, onwards the Out-of-Work Donation Scheme was in operation, and caused a large reduction in the claims that would otherwise have been made to unemployment benefit, in as much as unemployment benefit and out-of-work donation could not be drawn concurrently.