HC Deb 18 August 1919 vol 119 cc1933-4W

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether his attention has been drawn to the statement that it is the intention of the Admiralty to place all officers on a level according to rank; is he aware that so far paymaster-captains have been ranked on promotion with captains over three years; that the revised pay of captains over three years is £3 5s. a day; that the pay of captains on promotion is £3 per day and of paymaster-captains on promotion £2 15s. per day; and that the Admiralty have ruled that the paymaster-captains under three years now on the list are to start at the initial rate of pay for their rank, namely, £2 15s. a day, by which they are penalised 10s. a day over the officers of corresponding rank; and whether he can see his way to place paymaster-captains on an equitable footing with other ranks?


The main object followed by the War Cabinet in framing the new rates of pay, which are correctly quoted, has been to place officers of the various branches on the same plane, so far as possible, due regard being had to their responsibilities and to the technical and professional knowledge required for the performance of their duties. The initial rate of pay on promotion for captain and paymaster-captain respectively is as stated in the question, and is in accordance with the general principle enunciated. I ought to add that, in further pursuance of that policy, it has been decided, in the case of future promotions to paymaster-captain, that they shall rank, on promotion, with captains, according to their dates of seniority, and not, as hitherto, with captains of three years' seniority. Paymaster-captains already on the list are permitted to retain their present relative rank. There is no effect on pay in either case. Having regard to the fact that the present rates of pay were fixed on the basis of existing ranks, there is no question of the paymaster-captains now on the list having been penalised, and no reason is seen, I am advised, for increasing their rate of pay.