HC Deb 13 August 1919 vol 119 cc1334-5W

asked the Minister of Labour whether he will give a list of the trades in which the Interim Arbitration Court has given an increase of 5s. to women workers, and a list of the Orders made by him under Section 2 (3) of the Temporary Wages Regulation Act, extend-

Award No. Trade or Industry. Date of Award. Action, taken as to issue of an Order under Section 2 (3) of the Wages (Temporary Regulation) Act, 1918.
23 Certain firms in warp fabric trade of Ilkeston 4-12-18 Order not asked for.
92 Flour milling industry 20-12-18 Request for Order as to hours of work embodying the wages settlement of the Award not proceeded with by the parties.
113 Textile trade, Scotland 30-12-18 Request for Order not proceeded with by the parties.
174 Engineering and allied trades (engineering shops, boiler shops and foundries) 25-1-19 S. R. & O. (1919), No. 260 issued.
269 Gas workers 25-2-19 Order not asked for.
323 & 324 Chemical trade* 19-3-19 Inquiries being made in connection with request for issue of Order.
326 Explosives trade* 19-3-19 Order not asked for,
327 & 328 Soap and candle trade* 19-3-19 Order not found practicable.
410 Hemp and wire rope trade* 17-4-19 Request for Order before I.C.A.
442 & 443 Cable making* 6-5-19 Under consideration.
471 Edge tool, scythe, sickle, etc. trade 20-5-19 Under consideration.
498 File trade (Sheffield) 31-5-19 Under consideration.
501 Brassfounding* 5-6-19 Under consideration.
502 Optical instruments manufacture* 5-6-19 Under consideration.
503 Cut nail and tack industry* 5-6-19 Under consideration.
504 Metal trades, etc.* 5-6-19 Under consideration.
Spring making (heavy and small) Nuts and bolts.
Screw s.
Sheet metal work and metal rolling.
Tube making.
Carriage works and railway.
Car and wagon works.
Spraying machines.
Component parts in brass and pump connections.
Metal stamping.
Bedsteads (metal).
Small tools.
Electric and gas fittings (brass).
505 Bolt and nut industry* 5-6-19 Under consideration.
506 Sheffield engineers small tool trade* 5-6-19 Under consideration.
508 Asbestos trade* 5-6-19 Under consideration.
511 Aircraft industry* 7-6-19 Under consideration.
544 Light castings 23-6-19 Under consideration.
597 India rubber trade 15-7-19 Under consideration.
* In these cases the advance is subject to a maximum of 20s. and 10s. per week respectively over pre-war rates.