HC Deb 13 August 1919 vol 119 cc1312-3W

asked the Food Controller why a manufacturer can obtain from the merchant four times the quantity of sugar specified on his licence to buy sugar, while the private individual can obtain half only of the quantity for which he has applied for jam making?


During the period of restricted supplies, vouchers to manufacturers, other than manufacturers of jam and condensed milk, were issued upon the basis of 25 per cent. of their 1915 usage. When supplies became more plentiful the rate of issue was raised, first to 50 per cent. of the 1915 usage and later to 100 per cent. For administrative convenience the old vouchers, issued at 25 par cent., were retained and the increase was secured by honouring the voucher at twice, and later at four times, its face value. Manufacturers are now receiving 100 per cent. of the quantity they used in 1915, and not, as seems to be implied, four times the quantity they are entitled to purchase. Private individuals desirous of using sugar for jam making received 100 per cent. of the quantity applied for in respect of the earlier fruits, and are now receiving 50 per cent. of the quantity applied for in respect of the later fruits. As already stated, the total amount of sugar supplies for domestic jam making will exceed the amount originally allotted for this purpose.