HC Deb 13 August 1919 vol 119 c1310W

asked the Home Secretary whether he is in possession of evidence that funds have been supplied from the Continent or elsewhere to persons connected with the recent industrial and other unrest in this country; and will he give particulars of the sums so forwarded?


asked the Home Secretary if he is in a position, in order to allay public anxiety, to state whether the Government has any information to the effect that large sums of money have been and still are being brought into this country and placed in the hands of a secret junta for the purpose of bringing about a revolution by fomenting civil strife, engineering lightning strikes, and generally interfering with the trade, security, and well-being of the community?


The Government have information regarding organisations abroad which are endeavouring to send sums of money into this country far the purposes stated in these questions, and they are taking all possible steps to prevent the money reaching the hands of those for whom it is intended. It would clearly not be advisable to give details, but one case has already been made public, and I understand that one of- the recipients admits receiving a sum of money.