HC Deb 05 August 1919 vol 119 cc209-10W

asked the Postmaster whether his attention has been called to the case of John Nelson, a night telephonist at Glasgow; whether he is aware that this man enlisted in the Army in 1915, was wounded in France in 1917, and was discharged in March, 1918; that at the time he enlisted his establishment as a night telephonist was due; that on his return from the Army to the Post Office he was medically examined and informed that on the medical evidence he could not be granted a certificate of qualification but that he should be employed for a. period of one year, when his case would be reconsidered; that Nelson has now been back in the Post Office for a year and dur- ing that period has only been away from duty once, with an attack of influenza; and that when Nelson joined the Army he was put in category A 1 and the wound he has received does not incapacitate him from civil duty; and whether, in view of the fact that the refusal to grant the certificate of qualification is penalising this man for his service in the Army, he will have this case reconsidered?


I am aware of the facts of the case. The decision as to Mr. Nelson's fitness for an established post rests with the Civil Service Commissioners, who have issued a special recommendation in his favour under the terms of the Order in Council of the 22nd March, 1918, applicable to men whose health has been impaired by service with the forces. Under the decision of the Commissioners, the case will be reviewed again in April next.