HC Deb 14 April 1919 vol 114 c2546W

asked the Secretary of State for War whether the effect of Army Order 119 of 1919, published on the 15th March, 1919, is that during the period from 1st February to 1st May, 1919, soldiers who joined the Army before 1st January, 1916, and are retained with the Armies of Occupation pending their discharge, do not receive the bonus granted under Army Order 54 of 1919, whereas soldiers who joined the Army after 1st January, 1916, do receive the full rate of that bonus during the same period and while performing the same services?


Men enlisted before 1st January, 1916, are relieved from retention with the Armies of Occupation, unless they are required for the machinery of demobilisation or certain administrative services. If they are so required, they get the bonus from 1st February. If they are not so required but volunteer for the Army of Occupation, they get the bonus from date of volunteering. Otherwise, being exempted from retention, they only get the bonus if their demobilisation is not possible before the 1st May. Men retained for the Army of Occupation get the bonus from the 1st February.