HC Deb 08 April 1919 vol 114 cc1869-70W

asked the Secretary of State for War if he will favourably consider the demobilisation of Private William Davie, Machine Gun Corps, British Expeditionary Force, France, in view of the fact that his services are very urgently required by the County Council of Orkney?


If my hon. Friend will supply me with Private Davie's regimental number, age, and date of joining for service, inquiries will be made into this case.


asked the Secretary of State for War whether his attention was called in February last to the case of Private A. Wylie, No. 031772, Royal Army Ordnance Corps; whether Private Wylic joined the Service on 1st June, 1917, and in December, 1918, was given fourteen days' special leave on his mother's death and in order to sell her business, that of Messrs. Hugh Wylie and Sons, dealers in hardware, glass, etc., High Street, Easing ton Lane, Hetton-le-Hole, county Durham; whether Private Wylie bought the business, which is now being kept on by his wife but will have to be closed down unless Private Wylie can be released, though such closing would be most detrimental to the neighbourhood; and whether it is possible to discharge this soldier?


As Private Wylie did not join the Colours till June, 1917, he is not eligible for demobilisation. All the circumstances of this case have been carefully considered, and I regret that it is not considered one of such extreme urgency as to warrant immediate demobilisation on compassionate grounds.


asked the Secretary of State for War whether he is aware that Private Cecil Blows, No. 83513, is still being retained in the Royal Defence Corps. No. 457 Company, North Dublin Union Barracks, Dublin, in spite of the fact that he joined up in 1914 and is not required for the military machinery of demobilisation, and that, although repeated applications have been made to his officer commanding, he has to see men who joined up later than he and signed their discharge papers on the same day being released; and whether, seeing that this man has served his country well and has been twice severely wounded, he will give instructions for his immediate release?


Inquiries are being made, and I will inform my hon. Friend of the result as early as possible.


asked the Secretary of State for War whether he is aware that Private B. Owen, Unit 145, S Battery, Royal Garrison Artillery, now at Mechernich, Germany, enlisted in 1915; that he has a wife and three children; that he has applied several times for demobilisation so that he may resume his previous occupation as auctioneer; and that he can get no reply to his requests; and whether immediate steps will be taken to release this man under Army Order XIV., 1919?


If Private Owen enlisted for continuous service in 1915 he is eligible for demobilisation. There is no trace of any application regarding him having been received by the War Office, but if my hon. Friend will supply me with Private Owen's regimental number I will have further inquiries made.


asked the Secretary of State for War whether W. R. Wallis, No. S/294995, Army Service Corps, aged thirty-nine, married, who attested in 1915, joined up in 1917, and served in France for two years, can now be demobilised so as to attend to his business as a solicitor's manager at Cambridge?


I am informed that Private Wallis is not registered either as pivotal or for special release, and that there is no trace of an application on his behalf having been received by the War Office. If this man's age is as stated, he is eligible for demobilisation, and he will be released as soon as circumstances permit.