HC Deb 24 October 1918 vol 110 c934W

asked the Food Controller whether, in view of the glut in the fat cattle market and the making and revising of Orders in connection with same, which makes it impossible for farmers to know where they stand, he will now revert to a free sale and a free market?


The suggestion of the hon. Member, if carried into effect, would have the most undesirable consequences for both producers and consumers. In my view, the best method of assisting farmers in the present difficult situation is to increase the prices for cattle and sheep for the months in which supplies will be most needed, with a view to meeting any additional expense which their holding back at the present time may involve.


asked the Food Controller whether, in view of the loss of weight in meat caused by returning to the farms from market animals fattened on the pastures and fit for grading, and the consequent loss to the farmers of money needed by them for the payment of rent and for the purchase of seeds, fertilisers, and feeding-stuffs necessary for their winter operations, he will purchase and pay now for all such animals so sent in and returned, so that the Government will bear the loss inevitable, owing to the failure of the supply of feeding-stuffs necessary to maintain the weight of the animals, and not the farmer?


I have carefully considered this matter, and have come to the conclusion that the best method of compensating farmers for the additional expense which they will be caused in connection with the requisite holding of stock consists in the increase of prices for fat cattle which was announced in this House last Tuesday.

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