HC Deb 12 November 1918 vol 110 cc2541-2W

asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of National Service if, in view of the improved military position of the Armies of the Allies in the field and the inconvenience and irritation caused by the calling up of the one-man shopkeeper, he will consider the desirability of suspending the calling-up papers of all one-man shopkeepers over forty-one years of age?


As my hon. Friend will have seen from the announcement in the Press this morning, recruiting is suspended.


asked the Minister of National Service whether he will inquire into the circumstances under which an order was made on the 27th September last by the Appeal Tribunal at Ayr giving to John Inglis, a grocer and provision dealer, of Titchfield Street, Galston, Ayrshire, one month to get someone to take over and manage his business, and practically entailing the ruin of his business if he failed to do so, although the Glasgow food office had made a recommendation for his exemption with a view to the preservation of the business, which has over 900 registered customers, of whom 312 are registered for all rationed goods, and which recommendation is alleged to have failed to obtain the consideration of the tribunal by neglect or mistake of officials; and whether he can and will intervene to prevent the calling up of John Inglis and the ruin of the business, in the public interest and in justice to Inglis, who has a wife and child and parents dependent on the business?


The calling up in this case had already been suspended, and in view of the decision of the Government as announced in the Press this morning, no further action will be necessary.