HC Deb 23 July 1918 vol 108 cc1665-6W

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (1) whether the German firms of Otton Kuhlen, of Para, and Schlee, and the Austrian firm of Maxim Holdun, of Brazil, were at one time on our statutory Black List; if so, whether they have since been removed from that list, and for what reason; and whether any, or all, of the above three firms have been put back upon the statutory list;

(2) whether there is any unity between the British statutory list of firms in South American countries and the Enemy-Trading List of the United States; if so, has that unity been obtained by removing from our list those names that were not on the American list or by the adding of the names on the American list to those which were already on our list; whether, if any names have been removed from our list merely on the ground that they were not on the American list, they will be restored to our list; and, if so, will this be done soon in order that traders in this country may know with whom they are or are not entitled to trade?


It has been regarded as of the first importance from the moment when the United States Government decided to issue an Enemy Trading List that the utmost possible uniformity should prevail between this list and the statutory list. The American list for South America was, in the first instance, derived exclusively from our statutory list. The United States Government, after a strict preliminary investigation into our evidence against each individual firm on our list, accepted all but about fifty out of the 1,500 names on our list. The fifty names were temporarily removed from our list in order to ensure uniformity. These cases have all been re-examined, and as a result about half of the names removed have now been not only replaced on our list, but added to the American list. A re-examination of the remaining cases is proceeding and will be completed as soon as possible. The three firms mentioned by my hon. Friend were among the fifty names removed, as I have stated. Two have now been added to both lists, and the other name is under consideration.