HC Deb 17 July 1918 vol 108 c1067W

asked the Home Secretary whether demonstrations were held with his consent in Trafalgar Square on Saturday on the question of aliens, and on Sunday by Socialists, also in Hyde Park on Sunday by the British Workers' League; whether a meeting in Hyde Park on Sunday, for which a permit had been granted to the Women's International League on 25th May, since when it had been widely advertised, was proclaimed on Friday last at 6.30, leaving only one clear day to cancel long-prepared arrangements; and, if so, why permission was given to three parties and the right of public meeting denied to the fourth within a few hours?


I believe that meetings were held as stated, but no consent on my part was given or required. On the 11th July I was informed that the "peace demonstration," proposed for the 14th July, would be likely to give rise to grave disorder, and cause undue demands to be made on the police, and I thereupon prohibited the meeting, and caused notice of the prohibition to be given. No ground was shown for prohibiting the other meetings.

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