HC Deb 17 July 1918 vol 108 cc1066-7W

asked the Home Secretary whether he will ask for a Report from the Chief Constable of Westgate-on-Sea on the pro-German actions and conversation of E. A. Meyer, which led the chief constable there to ask the military to transfer Meyer out of that district and into Throgmorton Street and the London Stock Exchange?


I have nothing to add to my previous answers to the hon. Member on this subject.


asked the Home Secretary whether any of the persons who have given guarantees in order to prevent the internment of enemy aliens or to obtain their release from internment are themselves of enemy birth or origin; whether any limit is placed upon the number of alien enemies who can be so guaranteed by any one person; if any list exists of the names and addresses of such guarantors; if so, whether any indication is given therein as to the original names and original nationality of the guarantors; and whether such list can be inspected and under what conditions?


No list has been made of these referees, and to extract from the papers the particulars asked for in the question would take a great deal of time and labour which cannot be spared at the present time, especially as the exemptions are to be at once reviewed.


asked the Home Secretary whether he has taken into his consideration recent expressions of opinion that the internment of aliens of enemy nationality forthwith is advisable and necessary in the interests of the public safety; does he propose to carry out such internment without or with exceptions; and, if the latter, would there be any objection to lay before Parliament a list of all such exceptions and the reasons for making them?


I stated in this House on the 11th instant the decision of the Government with regard to internment, and effect will at once be given to their decision. Steps will be taken so that all exemptions from internment, and the reasons for exemption, may be open to public inspection.