HC Deb 23 January 1918 vol 101 cc998-9W

asked the Parliamentary to the Ministry of Food (1) whether he is aware that the Lamb Order, which prevents the slaughter of lambs prior to 15th June, will keep from the public a supply of meat which in past years has gone into the market in April, May, and early June; and, in view of the shortage of animal food, will he take steps to prevent this further decrease of supply; and (2) if he is aware that the Lamb Order, by compelling the breeder to keep his fat lambs instead of sending them to the market, will prevent the fattening of the dams which are too old for further lambs; is he aware that keep. will thus be consumed which is required for the use of store draft ewes from standing flocks and prevent their purchase for the provision of next year's lambs; and will he say what action he proposes to take?


asked the Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Food whether he is aware that a number of farmers carry on as a branch of their industry the regular yearly purchase of a flock of draft ewes for the breeding of early lambs there from, and the quick sale of both ewes and lambs at early maturity as mutton and lamb for human consumption, that this practice provides a profitable and quick method of the production of meat and frees the land in good time for the feeding of cattle or other kinds of sheep, which will make more meat in the same time than the ewes and lambs if kept longer on the land; that the Lamb Order of 1917 will put an end to this branch of the farming industry, cause a decrease in the total amount of meat produced, and deprive the corn lands of a most effective application of manure; and whether he will modify or rescind the Lamb Order of 1917 or give reasons for its continuance?


The whole matter is under reconsideration in view of changes in the position with regard to feeding-stuffs. An announcement will be made in the course of a few days.