HC Deb 25 February 1918 vol 103 cc1124-6W

asked the Chief Secretary for Ireland if the application of the manager of Mohober National Schools, No. 7,048, county Tipperary, made last August for the promotion of the principal teacher, Mr. O'Mahony, to second division of first grade, has been put before a Board meeting for their consideration; was the fact made known to the Commissioners that Mr. O'Mahony was prevented by medical authority from availing of a course of training; if the Commissioners were not made aware of it, will he request the resident Commissioner to now put Mr. O'Mahony's claims for promotion before the Board for their consideration; will he also state if the Commissioners have previously made exceptions in favour of untrained teachers; and have any untrained teachers been promoted to first grade, second division, during the past two years with less than thirty years' experience; and, if so, what conditions did they fulfil?


The teacher referred to has never been trained in a recognised training college, and he is ineligible under the Rules of the Commissioners of National Education for the promotion to first grade. Untrained teachers in the service before the 1st August, 1887, who were: on that date either(a) married or (b).aged twenty-five years or upwards, are exempted from training as a condition of promotion, but Mr. O'Mahony did not fulfil either of these conditions. Inability under medical advice to attend a course of training does not warrant an exception being made to the rule. Such exceptions are granted only in cases of exceptionally efficient teachers whose schools have received very favourable reports for not less than six consecutive years. The case is governed by the rules and is not one for special submission to the Board of National Education.